Jackets – the outer garments – for both men and women are my canvas. Outside of fashion, rather than in or out, the work belongs in no particular place or time.

Influences come from the desire to create and to use textural changes, a preference for monochromatic and subtle colour schemes, and a love of many traditional Asian clothing shapes, particularly when translated into contemporary designs.

The inspiration for a garment might start with a button. A set of hand-made shell buttons that were made for me became the inspiration for My Shell, a jacket in which I used paint and then ribbon floss, used as thread, to mimic the delicate and soft colour tones of the shells. Leaving some edges of the jacket to fray in a controlled manner, these edges duplicated their soft, irregular shapes.

The textural surfaces I create are tactile and organic. The surfaces that are found in caves, with incredible toadstool-like and other almost fanciful growths, have inspired design elements. Leather, paint and texture are often used as embellishment to accent and highlight structural lines.

The garments are a statement about our accumulative society; we buy many cheap items and end up with a wardrobe of things we rarely wear. But everyone needs one beautiful jacket. Ultimately the challenge is to combine the practical and the beautiful, to produce a garment that is wearable in the true sense.